The Invitation!

Greetings fair traveller of the comicverse!
As a cartoonist, you are hereby invited to let your comic and characters partake in the great Halloween Cameo Caper of 2007!
Following up from the blast from the past which was the party of 2006 in the rural town of Shelterville in the old Wild West, this years event will take far out in space, around the majestic and mysterious planet of Dahk-Tuin and its 8 orbiting moons... where one is the artifical moons of Disneyland Galactica!
In this place your characters will arrive by means of spaceflight, interdimenstional travel, timetravel or likewise, to meet up with other characters from other comics to hold the greatest party in space yet to be seen in this galaxy!
The event, which we hope will be of galactic proportions, will be recorded for the future by all the cartoonist who ends up taking part in the occasion!
We hope you will take well to this invitation and send your characters to a great event, for both them, you and the readers!

- The Star-Management

Those who answered the call:

Dawn of a New Era 2 by Thomas Eskew

Drunken Scribblings by Rik (Tinkerbell)

Insanity of Xade by Xade

The KAMics by Keith Alan Morgan (KAM)

Life & Death by Jonathan Oliver (Joff)

Magical Misfits by Ron