The Setting of Dahk-Tuin

In a far away area of the Universe floats the planet of Dahk-Tuin, a Jupiter-sized gas planet orbited by 8 moons.
The planet itself is some kind of mystery. Its history is shrouded in the cloak of time; once its upper atmosphere was home to a thriving civilization, but for unknown reasons their floating cities were abandoned and the only traces of the race once inhabiting them are the vague whispers of fueler pilots that ghosts still walk on the platforms and sails left behind. Many expeditions have been sent to Dahk-Tuin, to the platforms, the inner atmostphere and the moons, but nobody has returned home to report on the planet, and even heavily armed parties have disappeared without a trace.

Some say an ancient virus became the doom of the civilization and has never died, some says monsters from beyond time emerged from the depths of the planet, others claim the dead arose to claim the living... who can tell the truth? The only thing scientists DO agree on is that the planet, or something in it, somehow disrupts time and space and many inexplicable phenomena are recorded by the hundreds of scientists eager to find answers to the planet's mysteries. For every theory they come up with, though, there are a dozen or more mysteries left unexplained...

These days the only civilization to be found is on the moons of the planet... among others the Mining Planet of Teflan, the Galactic Military Outpost of Tharkan, Iridion, the planet covered by swamps and littered with ancient ruins covered in permanent fog, Glaunya - Deep Space Scientific Research Station and... the artificial moon of Disneyland!

The latter is actual the real original Disneyland, saved from the devastating earthquake of 2019, only to mysteriously disappear from Earth's orbit and appear around Dahk-Tuin. Here, beneath its glass dome, the park became a thriving amusement center for the known galactic races, and a home away from home for the Humans travelling the lonely lanes of space or studying and wondering at the majestic planet of Dahk-Tuin

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